by people for the people: creativity rewards itself TM

Play responsibly: i) do not do to others what you do not want them do to you and ii) do to others what you want them do to you

Create your gallery – digital portfolio: showcase your projects, take it to college or employer (see how)
Learn by creating multimedia compositions: puzzle together pieces of information in text, image, audio, & video-formats (see how)
Collaborate, learn & earn rewards and community service points (see how)

Start a Creative Challenge: challenge students to create – enhance learning & find support for your projects (see how)
Create your gallery – digital portfolio of your teaching materials (see how)
Collaborate, find project partners, teach & earn rewards (see how)

Get a free complete Learning Management System (LMS- see an example) & novel financial support mechanisms (see how)

Want to play this as a smart game (Game of Beads - after the Nobel prize winning novel 'The Glass Bead Game' by Hermann Hesse)? - see details here.
We are working on developing resources for each subject: see an example including Spanish Gallery, Safety Gallery, Neuroscience Gallery, and more.

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Эта галерея со всеми галереями и композициями внутри нее будет удалена и не сможет быть восстановлена. Вы уверены?

Почему Игра Бус: посмотри на эти плюсы Игры Мысли и сразу станет понятно, что творчество- это наградаTM!

Сотрудничество: просто и взаимовыгодно!

Супер-паззл: примеры паззлов, соединенных линками, и паззла-в-паззле-- краткая версия книги раскрашки-озвучки- предложи свои иллюстрации и музыку!

Творческий вызов: сотвори супер-шедевр в память о солдатах не вернувшихся с войны