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Chocolate Bunny


This is an actual cake with the poem handwritten in food colors: see a video how the poem was written (at a store in Ohio)

Here are links to the drawing & sounding book: offer your version and become a co-author! We will share benefits:
- pdf- format, ppt-format (with some pictures of Chocolate Bunny), ppt-format- just text.

And, here is the poem (there are at least two more parts Chocolate Bunny, a Sweet Artist, and Chocolate Bunny, a Sweet Poet):

Chocolate Bunny

Chocolate Bunny,
A cutie and sweetie,
Lived in Majestic
Vanilla Cake City-
On the top of a tower,
A cherry topped pie,
Sweet, but bit sour:
One tastes and would cry.
With a view on
The Blackberry Syrupy Lake,
Grand Central Desert,
A Strawberry Cake.

He would go to the park
To listen to birds
Or just sit in the dark
Rhyming Life Saver words

He composed tasty songs
With caramel tunes:
They fly in the sky
Like hot air balloons!
Whatever he made
Was a sweet masterpiece,
And I recommend
You try a small piece.

poem (a birthday present from Rhymoholic, one of the Players on the American team in the Game of Beads)‏.

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