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Mario Andretti


Mario Andretti was a twin brother.  His brother's name was Aldo.  His family's names were Mario Andretti, Aldo Andretti, Rina Andretti, and Luigi Andretti.  The dad was a farmer.

Mario Andretti was born on February 28, 1948 in Montona, Istria.  Istria was part of Italy.  In the end of WWII, Istria became part of Yugoslavia.  The Andretti Family moved to a refugee camp before coming to the U.S.  They immigrated to the U.S. in 1955.  They lived in Pennsylvnia.

Mario Andretti raced all kinds of cars, including IndyCar, World Sport Cars, and NASCAR.  He was a great racer because he practiced when he was little.  Then all that practice made him a great racer.  He was one of the best racers of all times!

He was an important immigrant because he came from only $126.00 when he immigrated to the refugee camp.  He inspired people by telling them to never give up on something you like to do. 

We know Mario Andretti for his speed and aerodynamics.

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