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COOL Math: K-4


Cool Object Oriented Learning (COOL) is a new way to use an old teaching method. One can use  apples or oranges to teach basic Math, or, for example, emblems: car, military, sport, etc. What's cooler? Kids can learn not only basic counting, but also history of technical progress, military history, etc.
Collect our COOL calendars (TM) - wallet size calendars for 2011 are available- and COOL bookmarks (TM) and learn history of all major car makes, sport teams, armed forces, etc.
References: go here to learn more about history of Airforce emblem.
Disclaimer: all images of emblems and insignia are property of corresponding entities, and are used here only for educational purpose (permission is pending). To use any of the emblem images please contact their owners.

Author:   magludi1  Version:  3  Language: English  Category: Math  Views: 253  Grades: K-4

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Audio: You're a grand old flag (US Air Force Band) Source: