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The Cat in the Hat (Sitting, not Walking): Part IV. A Song


A Cat in a Hat (Sitting, not Walking)

See here Parts I, Part II, Part III

If you want to know more about the famous, at least in some top scientific circles, Schrodinger's cat, you need to go to the links provided. Here, I'll tell you a couple of other well known in much broader and less scientific circles (and squares, and trapezoids, etc.) symbolic expressions, that should help you to appreciate humor here a little bit better. Albert Einstein, who did not believe in quantum mechanics based on statistics, said: "God does not throw a dice!" And Niels Bohr, another famous physicist replied: "Who is Einstein to tell to the God what to do!" Of course, there is a reference to Dr. Seuss' walking cat, but mine is sitting in a hat in a metal box, as in the case of the famous Shrodinger's cat.

Here it goes:

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